Oplà Folding Grès – pull-out worktop flush with shelf

Version of the popular Oplà Folding already supplied with stoneware tops, ready to be installed in the desired piece of furniture. The system allows to pull out an extra worktop which is located under a standard shelf of an equipped tall unit. With a simple gesture, Oplà Folding Grès can be extracted and positioned flush with the shelf above it, increasing the available surface to prepare a recipe or have a delicious snack.  It is the immediate solution to use an additional worktop in the kitchen whenever necessary. Available for furniture modules from 600mm to 1200mm wide.


  • Slides Finishing: Bronzino stainless steel
  • Tops Finishing: Stoneware veneered tops
  • Load capacity: 40 Kg equally distributed
  • Sliding: Aluminium / Aluminium

** Atim’s Trasformabili systems are made of aluminium.

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