Oplà Folding – pull-out worktop flush with shelf

Oplà Folding is a system that allows to pull-out a worktop located under a standard shelf of a piece of furniture. With a single movement, Oplà Folding is extracted and positioned flush with the shelf above. In the Folding version, Oplà uses brackets to cover the mechanism lateraly, enhancing the aesthetics of the piece of furniture as well as its functionality.
Oplà Folding is assembled with three folding sides. The article is provided only in the Silent version.


  • Finish: Bronzino stainless steel
  • Load capacity: 40 Kg equally distributed
  • Sliding: Aluminium / Aluminium

Optional on request: Caps kit

* The article does not include the supply of wooden parts.
** Atim’s Trasformabili systems are made of aluminium.

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