Party – Double-leg pull-out table from a drawer

With Party, a standard-sized drawer is enough to fit an entire space-saving dining table. Thanks to a resistant system of Atim’s exclusive aluminum runners, this mechanism can be mounted in a standard drawer compartment and creates a large table (with an opening of 1380 mm). Thanks to the integrated double telescopic leg, it guarantees a capacity of 100kg.
Easy to handle, to open and close, it is a solution that increases the functionality of kitchen furniture, making the use of domestic spaces more practical and intelligent according to the many activities of the day.


  • Finish: Bronzino stainless steel
  • Load capacity: 100 Kg equally distributed
  • Sliding: Aluminium / Aluminum

Optional on request: Caps for the end of the guides; Hinges;White chipboard tops.

* The article does not include the supply of wooden parts.
** Atim’s Trasformabili systems are made of aluminium.

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