Oplà Folding +39 – Pull-out worktop alligned with cabinet top

The Oplà Folding +39 system allows the extraction of a worktop located under a classic shelf or top of any piece of furniture. It can be installed in furniture with a minimum depth of 39 cm, allowing it to be placed in different environments (living room, bedroom, bedroom, office, laundry room, etc.). With a simple gesture, Oplà Folding +39 can be extracted and positioned flush with the shelf above it. The folding version allows to completely hide the mechanism even when the desk is open, granting extra elegance to its aesthetics. The immediate solution to have an additional surface in any environment.


  • Finish: Inox Bronzino
  • Load Capacity: 40 kg equally distributed
  • Sliding: Aluminium / Aluminium

Optional on request: Caps kit.

* The article does not include the supply of wooden parts.
** Atim’s Trasformabili systems are made of aluminium.

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