Desk – Drop-leaf fodaway desk

With the Desk mechanism it is possible to turn the cabinet door into a table, using both the internal compartment of the furniture as storage space and the door as an extra worktop. All you have to do is to open the flap door. With a complex system of rotations, Desk is at the same time extremely easy to use and to apply to existing wardrobes. There are multiple possibilities of use: in a bathroom cabinet, in the children’s room as a desk, as a practical workstation for a Home Office, or in the kitchen as an added work surface.


  • Finish: Galvanized iron | Sainless steel
  • Load capcity: 20 Kg equally distributed

Optionals on request: White and black mechanism covers.

* The article does not include the supply of wooden parts.
** Atim’s Trasformabili systems are made of aluminium.

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