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Giulio Manzoni

Giulio Manzoni, born in 1952, graduated with honors in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1976; operates mainly in the field of Industrial Design with a focus on new technologies and the study of new materials, preferring the design of multifunctional products. Continuous research and development of its own inventiveness led him to realize, in forty years of work, innovative products that have contributed to the history of furniture.

Among these include: the bed "Magic" for Oggioni: first bed container with an integrated system of "makeover", the pouf-chair "Spider" and the kinematics of the sofas "Tandem" and "ABC" for Flexform, the kinematics of the chair "Fiorenza" for B & B, the table / table "Suegiù" for F.lli Longhi, the sofa-bed bunk "Doc" and foldaway beds for Clei, the bed container "on-Off-Suite" (studio apartment in the bed ) and the sofa-bed electric "Wow" for Campeggi, the collections "IQ and Tommi and Jerry" for Erbamobili, the zipper "Lapis" Salice, the slide "Biquadro", the sliding system invisible door "Ghost" and the system "Party" for Atim and others.

His projects "intelligent" and multifunctional have won awards and recognition: the wall-library soft, self-supporting with double "Ercolino" for Campeggi earned him the "Design Award Professional - c DIM- Valencia"; the bed desk "Riletto" for Oggioni has received the "Leonardo" of the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

He has collaborated with the University 'of Milan and Pavia, Campione Casino' and the Venice Biennale, with the projects presented in the section of architecture and holds a hundred industrial patents.

Toshiyuki Yoshino Industrial Designer

Born in Yokohama Japan 1959
PhD title: Master of Machinery Design at Tokyo National University of fine arts and music He graduated in 1984 in the faculty of fine arts at the State University of Tokyo fine arts and music.
1987 Graduate of the Master for Research in Industrial Design at the State University of Tokyo fine arts and music. Works in Tokyo as an Interior Designer
Invited in 1989 in Germany by the German Academic Association of scientific exchanges at the Institutes of Berlin and Schwäbisch Gemünd. He works as a researcher in the field of Industrial Design specializing in telecommunication apparatus.
1990 Work at Pioneer Design Center in Tokyo.
He moved to Italy in 1994 as a freelance designer begins work mainly for Italian furniture industries.
2000 Project for the new cash system "Self Scanning" for Datalogic
2000 He won the first prize in Japan to design a new chair for transatlantic air in Business Class.
2008 Back in Tokyo.